April 30th 6-9pm

leading by example

Lessons Learned & Milestones Achieved

Discover firsthand examples of tech leaders' ​challenges turned into triumphs.

During this invite-only event in partnership with Delivery Hero, find out how 3 experts overcame ​hurdles that transformed them into better leaders. An evening filled with opportunities to network ​and exchange leadership experiences.

3 speakers will delve into an example of their leadership journey and come together for a panel ​discussion at the end. Once you have RSVP’d for our event through the link, you’ll receive a ​networking guide of who else will be attending on the evening.


6.00-6.30pm: Walk-ins

6.30-6.40pm: Intros & Welcome from Xena + Delivery Hero

6.40-7.20pm: Speakers 1 & 2

7.20-7.50pm: Main Break

7.50-8.30pm: Speaker 3 & Panel discussion (20 mins)

8.30-Closing: Closing Statements + Networking

expect to meet a small group of Engineering and Product ​Leaders and of course, the Delivery Hero and Xena team.

Aditi Sodhi

Director of Engineering, ​Fintech at Delivery Hero

Bhuvana Vijayan

Director of Engineering

at Zenjob

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